Wildcatch for Pets

Wildcatch for PetsTM harvests only sustainable wild salmon in cooperation with Native, Alaskan, and Pacific Northwest fishers. We offer the finest natural salmon and seafood products free of antibiotics and synthetis colorings.

Don’t be misled with terms as “real”, “flavored”, “Norwegian” or “Atlantic” salmon, if it doesn’t say “WILD” it probably isn’t.

The Healthy Wild Choice For Your Dog’s Well-Being. Alaska Wild Salmon and Omega Fatty Acids are essential nutrient for your dog’s life stages. A natural, flavorable tasting treat for your pet. Try our Wildcatch, minimally processed, Alaska Wild Salmon pet treats.

Thank you for supporting wild, sustainably caught salmon products! You can purchase our products here or ask for them at your local store!

Product Qualities
  • Sustainable – The only pet food product currently certified as sustainable by the independent Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).
  • Human Grade – Made with 95% Premium Human grade Wild Alaska Salmon.
  • Pure – Alaska Salmon are among the purest of all fish species. Third-party testing confirms Alaska Salmon are free from harmful contaminates.
  • Healthy & Holistic – 47% healthy salmon protein. High in the antioxidant astaxanthin, a natural carotenoid that is 80% more potent than vitamin E. High in Vitamin D.
  • Lifestages – Puppie growth, weight management and adult maintenance all benefit from super digestibility. 100 calories per ounce.